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Kemichal S.r.l. 
Kemichal S.r.l. produces wood coatings and colours and commercializes own products in Italy and in foreign countries. Our products range includes: Polyurethanes, Nitrocellulose, Acrylics, and Water-based coatings, for interior and for exterior. Stains, Patinas, Concentrates Colorants and pigmented Pastas water-based and solvent-based. Pigmented Primer and Top-Coat with the colours from RAL and NCS catalogues, includes into our tintometric system “Kemilac Color System”. Oil-based and Wax-based varnishes, Polyester primer, electrostatic varnishes, primer and plaster for frames. Varnishes for Parquet and staircases. Water-based Impregnating stains and Top-Coats for exterior with Certificates. Special Effects as embossed/sanded, pearl, briar, decapè, cracked, gold and silver metal, aluminium, adhesive promoter for plastic, metal and glass surfaces. Additives for defend and treat the wood.
Firе Retardant Systems
Water based products
Polyurethane based products